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Crystal & Cream

Customer Reviews /Testimonials

“I used the body wash. My life is forever changed! 🥰” -Nasha 

"CrystalsandCream’s Vivid Glow Cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh, and gives it a natural glow!Also I feel refreshed after washing my face 🥰  " -Chenelle M

"The Sweet Life body scrub is a GREAT product. It’s not too harsh and leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and the Moon Glow Body Shimmer is one of my favorite products to use. The smell is amazing and it leaves my body glowing 😍🥰
Thank you Dominique for creating such great products" -Marci N

"@crystalncream is an at home luxurious spa experience.  The products are so refreshing and soothing, perfect for my "me-time" and self-care routines. From the cleanser to the scrubs to the body butter to the lip balm.. they're all my faves."